IEC Supplies

Mada Al-Baraka LLC takes on the crucial role of supplying IEC with an array of essential food items. Our offerings encompass frozen and dry goods, an assortment of vegetables, cleaning materials, disposable products, and various related essentials.

IEC Transport and work equipment 2021

In 2021, Mada Al-Baraka proudly secured a contract to supply IEC with essential transport and work equipment. Our partnership has since flourished, driving efficiency and progress hand in hand. Together, we pave the way for a future defined by shared success.

Providing Frozen Items for Arkel and Hyundai Green Food

In the year 2022, Mada Al-Baraka expanded its horizons, proudly offering a delectable range of frozen seafood and items to Arkel and Hyundai Green Food. This partnership has become a cornerstone of excellence, providing not only quality products but also a taste of dedication. As we navigate the tides of progress together, our commitment remains unwavering, promising a future of flavor, satisfaction, and shared success.

a close up of a bowl of food with chopsticks
a close up of a bowl of food with chopsticks